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Education independent connects you with current and ex-pupil ambassadors of over 15 major independent schools.

Supported Schools

Supported Schools

Common Questions

How It Works

How It works
We match you with an ambassador

Based on your schools shortlist and a questionnaire and we match you to the most suitable ambassador for a 40-minute zoom call where you and your child can ask them any questions about their experience of the school.

You can have as many calls as you need and we can provide different ambassadors for the same school to ensure you receive a balanced perspective.

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About us
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About Us

Education Independent is founded by 2 ex-pupils of independent boarding schools. Over our 5 years at boarding school, we were increasingly aware of the Information gap between prospective parents and how schools market themselves.

This can and has led to larger problems down the line, such as students not feeling as though the chosen school is the right fit for them - to the point where parents feel the only option is to change schools completely.
Choosing a future school for a child is a major decision, not just a financial one, but one that will impact the entire life and well being of a child and a family. 



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