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Ambassador Job
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We are looking to hire smart and personable boys and girls to become ambassadors for their old or current school. If you enjoy talking to parents and are prepared to deliver honest truths in a unbiased forum over a zoom call or over the phone apply now. 

We will pay a handsome fee per consultation without the need to leave your home. You will also have the opportunity to increase this salary by helping us grow and hire new ambassadors. 

Application Process

Once the form is filled we will have a look at your application and send you a message to book a quick zoom call, where we will ask you a couple of questions about your school to help you get a feel for the job as well as help form a guide for all the ambassadors to access if quizzed on other schools. 

Once completed we will send over some forms and guides and get you onboard!

Apply to be an ambassador

Thanks for submitting!

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